Cherokee Kid

Jim Alberty is a member of the Bird Clan of the Cherokee Tribe of Oklahoma. Born in Claremore, OK he now lives in Maine, working as a composer, writer and Creative for Apple. He is active in the Casco Bay area arts and education communities as a composer, musician, social dancer and actor.


Actually it means "rotten pot" which is a nice way to say a mix of flowers in a tub that adds fragrance to the air. 

In short I really don't know what the music in these videos imply except I love to have fun with stuff.

Enjoy them. Or not. Just listen ......

or, "samba di water bottle". Noticed that my water bottle made a neat sound when its cap was removed. The same sound as a "cuica" or "lion's roar" - a nifty percussion instrument used in Brazilian "samba schools".

For the last four Holiday seasons the Maine Garden Railway Society ( has put together a massive train set in the center of the Mall. And each year I've video taped the set and made a little film. Each year the set has gotten larger and each year it's become a bigger video.

I really can't send you a card since I don't know where to send it - and emails just don't count where I come from - so I wrote this for you instead - the tune is AAGAE - figure it out. We'll have to have a dance sometime ....

The music: "The Statue Will Dance When We Are All Not Looking" - a birthday piece for my dancer friend Adira. The main tune (in the flute) is based on the letters of her non-stage name. The photos? Just me around town. The quotes? Good old Wikiquote. Hope you like it.